AC Repair Services In North Little Rock, AR

AC Repair Services In North Little Rock, AR and Surrounding Areas

An unreliable AC system can be a pain, especially during the hot summer months. When you need AC repair, you want to call our team of professionals who can get your AC working again quickly and efficiently. At Sub Zero Heating and Air Conditioning, our technicians have years of experience repairing all types of air conditioning systems. We understand that time is important and strive to provide same-day AC repair services for our customers in North Little Rock, AR, and the surrounding areas.

Our AC repair services cover a variety of issues from minor repairs to total replacements. Whether you’re dealing with thermostat problems or strange noises coming from your air conditioner unit, we can diagnose the issue and offer fast solutions at competitive rates. We take pride in using only reliable parts and materials and provide warranties for all repair services offered.

AC Repair Services In North Little Rock, AR and Surrounding Areas​

Maintain Your AC System

No matter the issue, our team of AC repair specialists will make sure your system is working properly before we leave. We recommend scheduling regular AC maintenance and servicing to ensure that your AC system runs smoothly all year round. Regular maintenance can help detect any potential issues and problems early on before they become more serious.

Our team of technicians can inspect your AC system for any signs of problems and make necessary repairs to keep it running smoothly. When you’re looking for reliable AC repair in North Little Rock, AR, give our team of experts at Sub Zero Heating and Air Conditioning a call.

We will get your AC system back up and running quickly and cost-effectively. However, we also offer AC installation and replacement services, so if you need a new AC unit, we can provide one that best fits your needs.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services!

Do Not Wait Until It Becomes An Emergency

At Sub Zero Heating and Air Conditioning, we believe that AC repairs should be taken care of as soon as possible. Not only will an AC repair help you save energy costs, but it can also prevent emergency issues from arising. Our technicians are available for AC repair services 24/7 and can diagnose and fix the problem in no time.

Ignoring the problem could lead to:

  • System failure
  • Increased energy consumption
  • Unnecessary AC repair costs

We understand that AC repair can be costly, so we offer affordable solutions for all our customers. We also provide financing options to help make it more manageable. Give us a call today to speak with one of our HVAC repair specialists!


Has your Arkansas home air conditioning system stopped providing you with cool air? Sub Zero Heating and Air Conditioning offer AC repair in Little Rock, AR as well as other Central Arkansas areas. Whatever the case may be, you can rely on the expertise, experience, and know-how of our professional and certified HVAC technicians at Sub Zero Heating and Air Conditioning in Little Rock, Arkansas. No matter what type of air conditioner unit you’re using for your home in Arkansas, there’s no AC repair we don’t do! Our air conditioning repair technicians are experienced in diagnosing your AC issues, and we understand what it takes to get a unit up and running again in no time. We offer 24/7 Emergency air conditioner repair in Little Rock and North Little Rock as well, so if your AC goes out this summer, don’t hesitate to give us a call!


There are several things that can indicate that you may need to repair your air conditioner unit in Little Rock or Central Arkansas. For instance, grime and dirt can built up on the condenser coil on the outside of the AC unit can make your system work harder and waste energy. Or perhaps a leaky coil, or a clogged A/C drain and faulty electric controls or sensors may contribute to a malfunctioning system. While these problems may be frustrating for you, especially in the Little Rock summer heat, the good news is that it does not necessarily mean you need to replace your unit. By hiring a professional HVAC company in Arkansas that has your best interest in mind, we will do our best to save you money on costly replacements by repairing your unit.

No matter what is leading to your AC problems, we at Sub Zero Heating and Air Conditioning can quickly and effectively assess the problem with your unit and help to get it working properly! If you’d like to ensure that your AC unit functions properly all year long, we recommend checking out our HVAC maintenance page as well! By having scheduled checkups, you may prevent your AC unit from needing repairs down the road. Give us a call today for all of your AC Repair needs in Little Rock, AR or Central Arkansas, and we’ll get you a free quote!

We Are Here To Make It Easy For You

At Sub Zero Heating and Air Conditioning, our experts tackle your AC repairs without a problem. We want our customers in North Little Rock, AR, to feel confident when they call us for AC repair services. Our technicians will diagnose the issue quickly and provide reliable solutions at competitive rates.

Our experienced team is ready to help make sure your AC system runs efficiently so that you can enjoy a comfortable environment all year round. Call now at (501) 349-6358 for more information about our AC repair services!